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Why Choose Gray Destination Marketing?

We are a team of industry experts within an expansive company, providing a clear path to craft the right messaging, secure ideal placement and increase reservations and revenue.


Strategy meets storytelling. Our team has innovative options to elevate your message beyond social posts, commercial breaks and live reads. We have those too – when you need them.

Hospitality & Attractions

Align your marketing campaigns under one umbrella. Creative, strategy, execution, measurement and optimization. See the whole story of your customer’s journey.

Our Services

Gray Media Group has an audience ready to engage in the way that makes sense for your marketing plan..

Our Audience

113 Markets, 38% of all U.S. Households

Households in the Gray footprint spent $19.9 billion in online travel expenditures in the past year.

The Gray National Footprint

With 7.9 million travel enthusiasts and 7.3 million U.S. travelers in the Gray footprint, we deliver the audience.

The Gray Audience

Our audiences made 2.2 million hotel/motel reservations in the past year.

Customized Digital Marketing Solutions

Your Adventure

Every destination has a story to tell, a traveler to inspire and a connection to make.

Road trips and travel tips

Activations and motivations

Digital nomads and Bliesure travel

Let’s tell your story together.


Lafayette Louisiana

Using Premion’s brand safe connected television platform, Gray Destination Marketing created a custom segment for this destination combining travel intent with a love for food, music and culture all focused on Lafayette’s primary and certain expansion markets.

Lafayette’s campaign showed a 33% lift in visitation

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More activation availability and more authentic connections. Pick your audience. Create your adventure.


Spanish language production, content creation and distribution all in one place.

Circle Network

129 million country music fans. Engaging content, contests, original on-site programming available.

The Song

150 markets, 82% of all US households. The story behind the song, filmed on site to highlight your destination.


75 million total audience. Your metaverse solution reaching Gen Z.

Investigate TV

1 million impressions weekly to women with disposable income.

World Chase Tag

45 million digital views per event. Activations, signage and sponsorships available.

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live

Your multigenerational solution. Customized activations, social and digital marketing available.

Hospitality & Attractions

Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

This strategic plan focusing on Gray’s owned and operated stations in drive and fly markets helped almost double Alabama Tourism revenue from $10.7B in 2012 to $19.7B in 2021.

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Digital Marketing Solutions

Creative Design - Digital Strategy - Optimizations & Insights

Local Connected TV

Whether you need advertorial programming, commercial inventory up to :60 seconds or sponsorships, Gray’s local stations offer built in audiences in some of the most watched local programming.

  • Benefit by pairing commercials on Gray’s local television stations with digital ads on their digital platforms for long-term branding.
  • Build trust while getting the frequency needed to increase brand recall with a well-informed audience.

Premion Connected TV

Reach potential customers while they view the most sought-after long-form video content on streaming devices – live and on-demand.

  • Dominate the streaming space with Premion, the industry-leading premium OTT advertising platform that has direct relationships with 125+ trusted and brand-safe publishers.
  • Combine this with unique targeting capabilities to deliver your story to the most relevant audiences. And with website attribution tracking, learn how many visitors went to your website after viewing your spot.

Comprehensive Travel Profiles

Live, streaming data ensures we create the correct profile, discover insights and incorporate travel and tourism attributes that are current and actionable.

  • Proprietary, state-of-the-art tools deliver the reporting transparency and trust that you deserve and allows our team to optimize campaigns based on results.
  • Get unparalleled levels of broadcast & digital marketing data with our in-house marketing tools & dashboards.

Video Marketing

It’s critical to connect with consumers on an emotional level and answer a need. Your advertising creative – whether it’s a commercial, display ad, or email – must tell a powerful, but simple story, and it must be created for the platform where it will be placed.

  • Reach the right audience, at the right time, on the right platform...
  • You’ll save on costs and enjoy higher conversion rates.

Traditional Digital

Awareness and conversion go hand in hand. Reach the right people wherever they are. Traditional digital advertising is still a necessity in reaching travelers. Being able to identify travel intent, income and even niche audience behaviors can increase conversion.

  • Deliver ads across all devices to custom local audiences on 99% of the internet’s ad-servable inventory.
  • ast a net over potential customers who fall within geographic parameter, have walked into a competitor location, searched topics related to your business, or have been to your website.


Our insights dashboards are a transparent look into your campaign. As we work together to optimize your digital strategy, showing campaigns singularly or in a roll up view allow you to quickly show successes and opportunities.

  • Live dynamic dashboards allow you to visualize the performance of your digital campaigns 24/7, giving you the story behind the data.
  • Track and monitor success efficiently, and on your own schedule...

International Audiences

Paddle Michigan

The client saw a substantial decrease in web abandonment leading to higher sell outs. Revenue tripled in 2 years giving the owners freedom to update messaging to adventures and expand to additional domestic and international markets.

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Creative Services

Unique results require unique relationships. We believe promoting, and growing relationships with our clients are essential to initial and incremental success.

Fripp Island

Sometimes you have the footage, you just need help telling the right story.

Mackinaw City

Small town, big story. Explore the shoreline and history of this Michigan village.

Travel South El Dorado

Arkansas wanted influence and style. Gena Neely brought both to this travel tip series.

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